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Monday, 13 April 2009

Index Of YAO SI TING Discography

Linklist - Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷)
1st Album
[2006.Sept.29] Dialogue VIII (对话 VIII)
2nd Album
[2006.Dec.01] Endless Love II
3rd Album
[2008.Jan.18] Toward to Sing [vol. 3]
4th Album
[2008.Apr.04] Endless Love IV
5th Album
[2008.Oct.14] Endless Love V


CovLee said...

Yao si ting gak ada yang lain ya bro? Cocok nih ma lagu-lagunya :D

raMrus.ason said...

ga ada lagi broo hehe.. baru ada sgini doang : ) mungkin coba audiophile laen dsini.. : )

MontaigNeden said...

Thanks & Best Regards From Turkey..

Kenn_1 said...

mohon ijin donlot.thx banget ya. klo bisa sih pakai file sharing lokal seperti indowebster.