First Post!

Ermm.. Hi, helloo~

Firstly, let me introduce myself :D I'm Wilson 李 and mostly ppl called me with "son" or "ason". I work as web consultant.. So, feel free to message me if you have some needs for website (ad first😜)

I'm going to tell you a bit story about this blog.

Actually, this blog has been running from 2007 (Yes! 10yrs ago). In the past, perhaps some of you have already known this blog as a download source for anti-mainstream music (lounge, jazz, acoustic, audiophile, instrumental, chillout, new age, etc). But since it's considered as music piracy and all my files were deleted, then I stopped this blog :(

What's motivate me back then when there's no like / love button before? Well, there are a lot of unexpectedly reason, such as:
  1. Some donors who appreciate my sharing
  2. Met new friends ~ we're still be friends until now FYI 😁
  3. and not to say "point rewards" for each download
  4. bla bla bla

And today... I plan to liven up this blog~! Not as a musical blog, but I'm going to turn this blog into my personal blog. I'll post whatever I found in my daily (probably food, travel, work, friends), but I'm not sure will update it periodically.. For the beginning, I'm gonna to repost some from 2016~

Hope you enjoy my new blog : )



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