Christmas 2016

Yayyy.. it's Christmas time finally. Though I'm not a Christian, but I always celebrate it with friends and colleagues.
This year, we're planning to gather around ex-school circle on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the conversation just hang up with no further certainty.

On the D-Day, we invite the other circle to celebrate together and I started to find the place for Christmas Eve's Dinner. We already have our preference venue, that is Hurricane Grill Jakarta. As what you guess, the venue have been fully booked, but still I kept my name in the waiting list. As a backup, I tried to reserve another place to make sure we're not going to stroll and starve in the night :D Same as the other, all the venues didn't accept reservation anymore - even some of them has more than 50+ queues! >_<). And last, I tried to contact the newly opened restaurant, and yes they have one slot for us..

The night has come and even though we already have one reservation, we're still striving for our preference lol. In the very last minute, when I have to turn left to our reservation or keep straight to Hurricane, my phone was ringing.. And guess what?? She said "There is one slot available for us". With no hesitate, we're heading to there and not to forget, we cancelled the first reservation so they can accept another guest. The table has been well prepared as we arrive. And it's very nice to see they have a Christmas Dinner, already included starter menu, main course, dessert, and a glass of wine. The price is very economic compared to the usual à la carte menu.

Special thanks to Hurricane Grill Jakarta for hosting us, though we reserved in the last minute :) It's been a pleasure for us for sure and we had fun. Also thank you for featuring our photo in your instagram feed ;)

Side note: For those who want to have a romantic dinner, I recommended this venue to be inserted into your preference list : )
Photo by +Niccolas Lim (@celez)


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