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last updated: 01 November 2009
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It's Real - Olivia Ong
You're Beautiful - Kenny G
Close To You (Toyota Home CM Version) - Noon
Can't Smile Without You (medley Daybreak) - Ito Rapadas ft. Gail Blanco
How Six Songs Collide (medley) - Norwegian Recycling
Keliru - Dave Koz
What A Wonderful World - Kenny G ft. Louis Armstrong
What A Wonderful World - Emi Fujita
Close To You (They Long to Be) - Paris Match
Can't Smile Without You - Peppi Kamadhatu
Together Again - Dave Koz
Everybody's Changing - Marian Dacal
Eternal Flame - MYMP
Isn't It Beautiful - Nobuo Uematsu
Especially For You - MYMP
True Colors - MYMP
Sometimes When We Touch - Susan Wong
Kiss The Rain - Yiruma
Tell Me Where It Hurts - MYMP
Make It Mutual - Olivia Ong
I'll Move On - Olivia Ong
Love Fools - Olivia Ong
River Flows in You - Yiruma
Tifa no Theme (Piano Version) - Nobuo Uematsu
A Flower Blooming in the Slums (Aerith's no Theme Crisis Core)
Run Away From Home - Janice
Tina no Theme (Piano Version) - Nobuo Uematsu
---- 03 Nov 09 ---- Piano Instrumental

*still many moreee.. more will be updated soon~
Enjoyy : )


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