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I don't think I'm going to continue to re-upload all the album in :( Perhaps, I will update the posts only without the download link~

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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sabrina - I Love Acoustic

Artist: Sabrina
Album: I Acoustic

01 - Way Back Into Love
02 - You're Beautiful
03 - She Will Be Loved
04 - Out of Reach
05 - Superman
06 - Hero
07 - Umbrella
08 - So Sick
09 - Irreplaceable
10 - A Thousand Miles
11 - I'm With You
12 - When September Ends
13 - The Reason
14 - You and me
15 - Perfect
16 - Home
17 - My Guardian Angel

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winda octavia said...

mana sample song nya..
seperti biasa..

uda lama ga ol kau?

ndhee ;) said...

ayo2 yg ini di upload! yaampun you're the best dehhh! :D

vivi said...

keep your gud job man thank alot for work to us

.manz^^, said...

ayo diupload dong bang..
ngeliat tracklistnya bikin ngiler nih...
hehehe... thanks bro

raMrus.ason said...

download link:

raMrus.ason said...

heuheu sryyy to keep u waiting.. due to my poor connection.. ~.~

Diana said...

You are so great... This blog is really good.
Thanks for doing the great upload... Like this album very much...

.manz^^, said...

great songs!!!
thx for uploading.
now i'm searching the CD...

raMrus.ason said...

Diana \\ ^___^ thx for visitingg XD
.manz^^ \\ hehe good.. download for the sample, original for quality ;)

Hannah said...

i love your collection! by any chance do you have any albums by Double Take?

raMrus.ason said...

hehehe thxxx sis.. I dont have Double Take album..

mocona said...

Thanks !

~PiyoMaro~ said...

thank you Son.. :)

raMrus.ason said...

mocona \\ ur welcome ;) for visiting my blog ^_____^

piyo \\ tqqq jugaaa ci velly masih mampir2 ke sini hueahueh..

12Bersaudara said...

broer..tambah lagi dung koleksi accoustic'nya ditunggu ya broer.. Cyd

raMrus.ason said...

12Bersaudara \\ udah dtambah bru : ) enjoyyy

Pohon Digital said...

boleh request yang hero, i'm with you, you and me.
kalo ga keberatan minta dikirim