Index Of DEPAPEPE Discography

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1st Album
[2005.May.18] Let's Go!!!
2nd Album

[2005.Oct.19] Hi! Mode!!
3nd Album
[2006.Apr.19] Ciao! Bravo!!
4th Album
[2007.Apr.25] Beginning Of The Road ~Collection Of Early Songs~
5th Album
[2007.Nov.28] Depacla ~Depapepe Plays The Classics~
6th Album
[2008.Apr.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!
1st Single
[2004.Feb.05] Acoustic Friends
2nd Single
[2004.Jul.15] Sky! Sky! Sky!
3rd Single
[2004.Dec.02] Passion Of Gradation
4th Single
[2005.Jul.20] Summer Parade
5th Single
[2005.Nov.30] Spur - Winter Version '05 - Swingin' Happy X'Mas
6th Single
[2006.Mar.15] Lahaina (ラハイナ)
7th Single
[2006.Oct.11] Night & Day - DEPAPEPE meets ハチミツとクローバー
8th Single
[2007.Feb.21] Sakura Kaze (桜风)


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