Index of YUI Discography

1st Album
[2006.Feb.22] From Me To You
2nd Album
[2006.Apr.04] Can't Buy My Love
3nd Album
[2008.Apr.09] I Loved Yesterday
1st Single
[2005.Feb.23] Feel My Soul
2nd Single
[2005.Jun.22] Tomorrow's Way
3rd Single
[2005.Nov.09] LIFE
4th Single
[2006.Jan.26] Tokyo
5th Single
[2006.Jun.14] YUI for Amane Kaoru - Good-Bye Days
6th Single
[2006.Sep.20] I Remember You
7th Single
[2007.Jan.17] Rolling Star
8th Single
[2007.Mar.07] CHE.R.RY
9th Single
[2007.Jun.13] My Generation / Understand
10th Single
[2007.Sep.26] Love & Truth
11th Single
[2008.Feb.27] Namidairo


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